I began designing websites professionally in the 90’s and have constantly been adopting techniques and web technology ever since. To navigate below, hover over the screenshots and use either the arrows or circles and click. Some of the sites may not be live, as they were temporary and limited due to their nature.

  • Inspire Health Magazine is a glossy, nationally distributed publication. I work with the print production staff to meet multiple deadlines, and function as the individual that transmogrifies the print magazine into its online form. The website also feeds content to several newspapers via a content sharing system that I developed. Click to visit!

I’ve worked in many web development environments, including .Net frameworks, Apache servers running PhP alongside MySQL, as well as Cold Fusion platforms running on proprietary server environments. From static sites to database driven content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, I’m fluent in all of the disciplines necessary to create effective, dynamic web presences that are both engaging and accessible to both mobile users as well as clients with disabilities (meeting and exceeding government recommendations under the Americans with Disabilities Act).

In addition to writing HTML, CSS, and Php, I’m also well versed in installing server-side applications, .htaccess configuration and online asset management. Once the project is complete, I also know how to run successful campaigns using pay per click services like Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter advertising, as well as search engine optimization best practices.

No matter what kind of content, no matter what kind of web hosting environment, I can create an internet presence that shares the message of my clients as they serve theirs.