My first experience editing videos was as a kid in the mid to late 80’s, when I’d use multiple VHS players to splice together VHS cassettes of skateboarding footage that my friends and I had taped around my hometown of Jackson, Louisiana. Over the years that followed, I graduated to different video formats… VHSC, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, and tapeless HD. Along with the formats I’d used to record, I’d also learned how to transfer analog video into digital formats for editing on both Mac and PC platforms, all leading up to today where video transferring is a pain-free process, allowing more time for editing and rendering.

Today I use HD cameras to document a wide array of events, people, and places, often for the purpose of education, and sometimes purely for entertaining. My editing suites are comprised of Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Premiere and After Effects as well as Apple’s wonderful Final Cut Pro. I’ve provided voiceovers for dozens of movies designed for direct distribution, as well as videos embedded in presentations, encoded onto DVDs, and projects meant to be integrated directly into Power Point presentations and larger web-based designs (via Flash SWF and FLV assets). I also produce original digital music to fill out the audio background, as well as to assist in setting moods and themes.

Directly below are a few of the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on… first up are traditionally created videos, followed up by Flash movies that will be detailed just a little further down.


Fox Print and Creative Publishing Digital Content Distribution
This video was designed to introduce newspapers to a web based system I designed for my employer, allowing global content to be fed to multiple news websites while also allowing them to introduce local content of their own without having to do any modifications to their respective content management systems.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
A commissioned piece originally created for internal use, this compilation of news clips and submitted media was designed to share the gravity of the devastation felt by south Louisiana in the aftermath of the storms. The final output was rendered in HD, but this was the composition I preferred as some viewers were shaken by the storm victim’s distressing call for water. This was created soon after the storms and I find it difficult to watch due to my own sentiments and experience with Katrina.

GEAR UP 2014 Leadership Summit
In this summit overview, I utilized motion graphics, photography, voiceover and a handheld camera (equipped with a fisheye lense) to share with public and private partners of the Louisiana GEAR UP grant.

Louisiana Connect Portal Introduction
Featuring static and video screenshots, narration, custom closed captions, and a modular development style allowing for easy updating.

LA GEAR UP Summer Camps
Created for a Power Point presentation, this video features submitted video, narration, 3D compositing in After Effects, original artwork, and music. The organization used this clip for local and federal conferences for several years.

Security System Tutorial
A simple, straight forward video featuring an alarm technician going over the basics of a common security system keypad. Recorded, edited, and rendered in house.

The Harlem Shake
An incredibly fun video to make! This was part of a student participation project… students, parents and teachers from all over the state took part in the “Harlem Shake,” a viral internet meme. I directed the crowd, edited it in the hotel we held the conference in, and aired it on the second night of the meeting to a very enthusiastic audience.

In late 1998 I was introduced to Flash (version 3) and within a year I was creating animations, website interfaces, and interactive content for clients all over the country. As soon as “Flash MX” came out, I was using it as one of many tools for video composition and special effects. I even coauthored a book about blending video content and Flash media… dated now, but Flash MX Video Creativity was the first book to show users how to incorporate digital video files into embedded web content.

Though the Flash file format (.SWF) has nearly disappeared from the web, it’s now capable of HTML5 output and is still a great tool for illustration and video enhancement. I’ve found it to be one of my handiest tools for Power Point and standalone presentations, as it allows for levels of interactivity and animation that few other applications can offer. Flash is currently known as “Adobe Animate,” but is fundamentally unchanged aside from the name.

Below are a number of examples of projects demonstrating video composition, visual effects, 3D animation, and 2D timeline based motion graphics. Several of the movies contain narration, original music, and mixed digital media (animated and static graphics). Please note: the SWF file format will not play on Apple iPhones or iPads. Click the images and the movies will open up in a new window.


Doctor Anderson
-running time approx. 15 minutes
A presentation honoring the late Dr. Richard Anderson.
Featuring video, narration, music, animation, and 3D.

Command Central Intro
-running time approx. 25 seconds
Website introduction.
Featuring music, 3D, and 2D animation.

Conference Opening
-running time approx. 1 minute
Virtual conference host. Click gear to start.
Featuring 3D, narration, 2D animation, sound effects.

D Day Museum Intro
-running time approx. 1 minute
Website intro created for the D Day Museum.
Featuring music and 2D animation.

Interactive Skateboarder
-variable running time.
Interactive banner ad. Click the buttons to make him perform tricks.
Featuring 2D animation, smooth looping, running time based on user input.

Welcome to LA GEAR UP
-running time approx. 2 minutes
Presentation slide for the Louisiana GEAR UP grant.
Featuring 2D animation and narration.

Vectors and Video
-running time approx. 4 minutes
Video and animation created for a book that I coauthored.
Featuring a mix of video, music, and 2D animation.

Turner Industries Mini Navigation
-running time approx. 10 seconds
Animation leading up to site navigation.
Featuring 2D animation.

Baton Rouge Technology Council
-running time approx. 20 seconds
Baton Rouge Technology Council website intro.
Featuring music and 2D and 3D animation.

Elf Loop
-single frame loop
Static illustration with animated background.
Featuring 2D animation.

Animation Study
-running time approx. 20 seconds
Animation study for a personal project. Click button on the left to start.
Featuring 3D and 2D animation.

Welcome to LASIP
-running time approx. 2 minutes
Presentation slide describing the LaSIP program.
Featuring narration and 2D animation.

Rukus Mini Navigation
-running time approx. 20 seconds
Animation leading into website navigation.
Featuring traditional 2D animation and interactive elements.